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To purchase from chinasexproducts.com is very safe to you. Please take easy! 

Cookies Issue
Cookies can be defined as a kind of discriminating symbols consisting of letters and numbers read-in your computer hard disc by us through your internet browser so that our system will identify your browser during your visit and display the characteristics and quantity of items in your shopping cart.
The help function of tool bar on your browser will tell you how to prevent the browser from installing new cookies and inform you when the browser installing a new cookie or shut down the cookies totally.
Besides, you can close or cancel the alike data of browser add-ons like Flash cookies by changing its setting or visiting other manufactures' websites.
However, cookies can help you to make most use of the best special services from chinasexproducts.com, so we recommend you to set up an open status for this program.

E-mail Correspondence Issue
To help us making the E-mail more useful and interesting, when you open the email from www.chinasexproducts.com, we will often receive a mail confirming you having read the delivered email. (if your computer support this function)We will also make the comparison between our customer list and other companies'in order to avoid the junk messages.
Your email address and personal information will not be abused. Spam is illegal, and we do not take part in those activities. If you do receive any spam related to our products or services, please contact our customer support department and the situation will be dealt with accordingly.

Shipping Issue
We never use words like "sex","medicines" and "pills" to declare your goods in shipping paper, in order to keep your serect,  avoid embarrassment when receive goods if someone else there, and get your goods past customs more faster and safer.


                                                                                                                            Eagle Fang- Owner of Chinasexproducts.com



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